Sterile item, used for parenteral administration of injectable preparations. Not for use with blood or blood products.

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    A collection of sterile devices designed to conduct fluids from an intravenous (IV) fluid container to a patient’s venous system; used for gravitational intravenous administration.


    Components: – Spike or perforator
      – Air inlet with air filter and protective cap.
      – Drip-counting chamber.
      – Flow regulator.
      – Y-injection site.
      – Luer-lock connection to the vascular system.
    Materials: The material components must not modify the properties of the fluids or solutions passing through the infusion set.
    Tubing: – Medical grade materials, PVC-based.
      – Transparent (allowing bubble detection), supple, and resistant to kinking.
      – Minimum length: 150cm, giving the IV set an overall length of 170-180cm.
      – ID 3mm, OD 4.1mm
    Perforator or Spike: – Materials: plastic  ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), POM (polyacetal), polystirole.
      – Hollow device, the double channel with sharp tapering cannulae, located at the proximal end of the IV set, ensuring a safe seal between the IV line and the fluid container (bottle or bag).
      – Spike can be molded as part of the infusion chamber or connected by non-kinking tubing.
    Air inlet:

    (for gravity infusions)

    – Open-air inlet for glass bottle or rigid plastic container.
      – Closed air inlet for plastic bag or pouch.
      – Incorporated into the spike or perforator base with bacteria filter and closable Euro cap system.
    Drip-counting chamber: – Materials: medical-grade PVC and polypropylene.
      – Transparent, supple, compressible bag with calibrated tube (upper end) providing even drop formation: 20 drops of ±1ml.
      – Bacterial filter 15-20µm (chamber, lower end) designed to retain particles.
    Flow regulator: – Material:  (ABS, PE, polystyrene.)
      – Small wheel is referred to as a roller clamp situated between the drip-counting chamber and the IV connector.
      A good quality roller clamp enables precise fluid regulation by narrowing the tube lumen by compression, without damaging the tubing and allows to stop the drip when needed.
    Y injection site: – Allows the injection of emergency drugs into the flow. The Y site is located at +/-20cm from the IV connection.
      – A Y-shaped rigid plastic tube, with a minimum length of 40mm to avoid perforating the tube when inserting a needle.
      – The injection site is closed with a tight, non-removable rubber membrane.
      Note: The self-sealing bung, close to the IV line’s proximal end, has been canceled due to its needle-sticking hazard.
    Terminal connection: – Male Luer lock, preferably mobile.
      – Protection cap.
      – With or without a purging filter.
    Unit presentation: 1 infusion set, single-use, sterile, individually peel packed.


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